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About Urata Designs

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  • Urata Designs first open their doors in 2012 in Ballincollig and since the has gained an amazing reputation for her amazing wedding dresses and her magic on alterations.


  • Specializes in Wedding dress design as well as bridesmaids, flower girl and of course mother of bride or groom


  • New collection coming in 2022

About Our Founder

  • Urata was born in 1968, the youngest in her family. She was born into dressmaking as her parents and grandparents were all dressmakers in their day too.


  • Even when her father lost his hand in the war he still passed his knowledge onto Urata.


  • She first started making clothes for dolls at the age of 9 and had her first client at the age of 14.


  • Urata learned all her skills from her parents, and once her first daughter, Ruta was born she went to study dressmaking and received a higher diploma in it.


  • Fast-forward a few years, and she finally opened her first shop “Jaunima”


  • In 2002, her business was robbed, and Urata decided to migrate to Ireland with her young family.


  • Urata settled in Cork and started working for someone else. She quickly learned English and gained many loyal clients that only wanted their garments to be done by her.


  • Urata went on to work from home  and on March 4th 2012, Urata Designs opened its doors.


  • New thriving business opened their doors  and was a great addition to Ballincollig.


  • Fast-forward to 2021, Urata has clients that have been coming to her for 17 years.


  • Brides that got their dress alterations done, brought their dress back to make a christening dress and then make it into a communion dress.

Why should you choose Urata Designs?

  • We are a private wedding dress boutique and design shop.


  • Urata Designs has transformed and acquired an immaculate reputation within the bridal sphere, as well as made incredible connections with similar businesses. 


  • With our ever-growing client base, we are so excited to invite new brides to help them with all their wedding dress needs, as we have so much to offer. 


  • The designs by Urata Designs bear a uniqueness that captures every single bride’s beauty. Urata Designs has a mass amount of style choices of silhouettes, as we aim to suit every shape and size to best accentuate the brides figure. 


  • Urata Designs aims to make every bride feel as beautiful and as comfortable as possible on their special day. Urata Designs has a vast range of fabrics and colors to create every brides’ unique and custom wedding dress. 


  • As each of the designs will be custom to your shape and your size, alterations won’t be necessary as the dress will precisely match the brides’ exact shape and measurements. We aim to make each appointment a little pamper session as we, at Urata Designs, understand how stressful the upcoming months to a wedding can be.


  • For the brides who have already said yes to the dress, but feel that the dress needs to be enhanced with accessories such as a belt or a veil or even an addition of sleeves or simply looking for alterations to be carried out on the dress, Urata Designs offers any and all services the dress might need.


  • 2022 Brides book your alterations now

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  • Urata Designs is happy to help with any detail that will make the brides’ journey down the aisle as smooth and calm as possible. Aside from dressmaking, designing and alterations, Urata Designs offers dry cleaning services and dress preservation services.


  • Brides that have chosen Urata Designs for either design or alterations, also receive an exclusive discount to dry cleaning and dress preservation services after their wedding day.


  • The owner and designer of all Urata Designs creation boasts over 25 years of experience in the design sphere. Originating from a Lithuanian background, Urata has infused her designs with a traditional view and an elegant modern twist.


  • Urata makes every appointment as personalized as possible and involves each bride in the design process of their wedding dress. Urata exudes confidence but at the same time modesty in her design and dressmaking abilities, which are pristine and beyond flawless.


  • Urata provides an extremely honest service as she wants every one of her brides to feel and look the best on their special day. The design process usually takes up one or two appointments, as Urata prefers to set a base for the design first and then add on to the design, so the bride can see the process.


  • It also allows room for changes in design along the way. The 2019 Wedding Dress line that Urata has designed contains over 12 different designs that can be used as a base design for a wedding dress and customized in any direction. Fortunately, Urata Designs is fully accommodating to carrying out custom designs, therefore if you have a design in mind Urata Designs can bring it to life!


  • New Collection Coming in 2022

Bridal Industry Transparency

Modern Boutique

Our brand new bridal boutique located in 12 Times Square, Ballincollig, Co. Cork is the perfect place to relax and find your perfect wedding dress / bridesmaid dress.

Dress Collection

At Urata designs, our collection of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses have been hand selected by our expert team of design consultants, ensuring that our collection of dresses will impress on your perfect day.

Creation Craftmanship

At Urata Designs, our team of consultants will be there for you every step of the process. Let us pamper and assist you in finding that perfect dress for the perfect day.

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